Why Emblaze

Simplest Wireless Solution for Lighting Control in Large Facilities

Build a true Smart Lighting System with our solutions. We provide any requested features, such as energy-efficiency, data collection, control flexibility, and convenience. The Emblaze solution, faster, more reliable, and affordable than a wired solution, will help you quickly bring smart lighting products to the market. With your technology partner, Neostack, you will get everything you need to take your product to the next level.

  • Various Product Configuration Options

    Software applicable to various products such as dimming lighting, color temperature lighting, and sensors are available. Expand your product portfolio.

  • Interoperability For Global Expansion

    Emblaze complies with the mesh standard of the Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group). It can be used with products from any manufactures in the world.

  • Response to Wireless Standardization and Certification

    Provides software and firmware updates to meet various domestic and foreign standards. Also, take the competitive advantage by responding to various domestic and foreign certifications with the emblaze solutions.

  • Fast Entry into the Market

    We provide out-of-the-box lighting control unit. Reduce R&D costs and enter the smart lighting market fast.