Type Basic Product Optional Product
Economical type
Support 200 nodes maximum
· Software
- Planner: Configure the lighting system to suit the purpose of the lighting system without programming
- Autopilot: Get planned information from the planner and set it up automatically on site with one click
- Lighting pad APP: User apps that control lighting key functions and Services

· Hardware
- Lighting control unit, sensor, lighting pad

· Key Features
- Brightness control, occupancy detection, illumination detection, color temperatue, group setting, schedule setting, scene settting
Wireless Switch
Popular type
Support 30,000 nodes maximum
Lite Package Features and
· Hardware
- Lighting gateway

· Service
- Maintenance, energy monitoring, daylight harvesting
Wireless Switch
Emblaze Service
Premium type
Support unlimited nodes
Lite + Connected Package Features and
· Emblaze IoT Service
- Beaconning, space occupancy monitoring, Asset Tracking, indoor location tracking, other analysis service
Wireless Switch
Custom Sensor
Partner Service(API)
Service Description
Energy Monitoring A service that collects the amount of power used in each light and provides insight into energy usege
Daylight Harvesting A service that reduces indoor illumination and reduces power consumption according to the amount of natural daytime sunlight
Space Occcupancy Monitoring A service that provides insight into the activity of the space by accumulating the detected movement from each sensor
Emblaze Service IoT service using emblaze lighting network
Partner Service Partnering-company's service that can be implemented on lighting system using emblaze API